Brunner Hall

Brunner Hall is Headway Thames Valley’s hub in Henley. The Centre is open between 10 –3pm on Monday – Thursday and is a welcoming and safe space for our clients to spend time with their peers as well as our team of qualified staff. Each client who attends Brunner Hall has a personalised enablement plan and we work together on issues regarding well being and wherever possible, personal goals to work towards.

“There are people to talk to at the centre and lots of activities. Headway has helped me to do new things and given me more confidence when meeting new people”

This friendly environment is staffed by experienced support workers and clients have access to occupational therapy and clinical counselling as well as being able to attend our regular music and art therapy groups. Brunner Hall has a minibus which allows staff to regularly organise outings to places of interest and there are plenty of opportunities to take part in assisted sports.

There is no pressure for clients to join in with anything they don’t want to and a quiet space for clients to have some time out when needed is also provided. Staff are always on hand to listen and always try and help with anything they can.