Advice & Counselling

Occasionally we meet a family who don’t need to access one of our more formal services.

Sometimes people just need 1 – 3 sessions with one of our team to talk about some of the problems they’re facing and be reassured that it’s to be expected after a brain injury has occurred. We introduce some coping strategies, changes they can make to their routine and ask them to monitor their symptoms. If things don’t improve, people will often join one of our other services at this point, while people who do see an improvement are encouraged to get in touch with us again should there be any kind of deterioration or they require more support.

If you have had a brain injury or you are supporting someone who has had a brain injury, click here to make a referral for our services or contact us


clients and families supported at Headway Thames Valley each year

Life after brain injury

Simon’s story
Simon was knocked off his moped after being hit by a car which was reversing the wrong way up a one way street in Reading.

I had my brain injury 31 years ago – the result of a motorbike accident. I was the first person to come to Headway Thames Valley when it started in 1987. When I first came here, I was angry as I couldn’t talk and it was very difficult to get people to understand me. I couldn’t move my arms properly. My head would hang and I dribbled a lot. I was in a chair for 4 years, which I found frustrating too. Now I can walk, talk and move my arms!

Headway Thames Valley helped me get my speech back and they did a memory group which helped a lot. It helped me to remember people’s names and faces by using strategies.

I like coming here and chatting with people. I help out in the kitchen with drinks and I do the washing up. It’s nice to be helpful. My dad used to take the micky out of me to try and make me laugh but I would get angry with him. I think the only thing that keeps me going is my Mum. Sometimes when I wake up I feel like I just can’t be bothered to do anything and then other times I know it’s going to be a good day.