Brain Injury Services

Headway Thames Valley continues to expand and improve its services –  aiming to provide as wide a variety as possible.

We currently work with around 150 adults of all ages every year helping them adjust to and cope with their altered circumstances. We provide a range of services and support whether it’s at Brunner Hall or through our Courses and Therapy Groups. Brain Injury Support options we provide include art and music therapy, speech and language therapy, enablement, community based activities, neuro-psychology and occupational therapy.

All activities are designed to help clients towards achieving a range of outcomes: learning or re-learning skills, improving confidence and self-esteem, functional ability and exercise, developing coping strategies, keeping families together, quality of life, being able to use public transport, taking part in community or sports activities and helping to facilitate returning to employment where appropriate.

Initial Advice & Counselling

“By using the coping strategies Headway gave me I am more able to deal with my everyday life”

Information and advice is offered from our Occupational Therapist with more than 30 years’ experience of Brain Injury rehabilitation and therapy. As well as meeting with the brain injury sufferer, a family member can also attend by appointment.

Living with Brain Injury Courses

“I found the course extremely beneficial – just getting some understanding of how you are… and all the recommendations regarding goal setting and breaking things down was very useful”

This is a programme run at various locations across Berkshire, a collaboration between Headway Thames Valley professionals and those within the Community Based Neuro Rehabilitation Team. The course aims to provide insight and information on clients’ conditions and to introduce strategies to help them in life and in their recovery.

Brain Injury Support Groups

“Being part of the group has helped me to move forward in so many ways”

Brain Injury Support Groups are run across Berkshire and South Oxfordshire and meet every six weeks. Each client invited to attend one of our support groups has previously experienced another Headway Thames Valley service eg. 1:1 support and advice or a Living with Brain Injury course. The main goal of the groups is to check in with people and keep them on the right track, ensuring they continue to progress.

Brunner Hall

Brunner Hall is Headway Thames Valley’s hub in Henley and is a welcoming and safe space for our clients to spend time with their peers as well as our team of qualified staff. Activities available at Brunner Hall are listed below.

Occupational Therapy

“I never thought I would be able to sew or use a computer again – it’s great”

The loss of occupational skills is a common result of brain injury. Headway Thames Valley employs a Consultant Occupational Therapist with more than 30 years’ experience of Brain Injury rehabilitation and therapy.

Cognitive Stimulation

“My memory is improving and I can concentrate more”

Cognitive stimulation therapy and learning coping skills and compensatory strategies help with problems such as poor memory, lack of concentration, speed of thought processing, problem solving, lack of understanding and language skills.

Music & Art Therapy

“I think it’s a really good idea for us to show our creative sides. It’s our chance to show that disabled people can achieve a lot and it helps the general public have a better understanding of brain injury”

A further way Headway Thames Valley provides brain injury support is by offering music and art therapy.

A music therapist visits Headway once a week, running a choir, group and individual sessions. Besides being entertaining, music therapy produces excellent physical and cognitive results. Performances at concerts have a great impact on improving confidence. A local artist attends our centres weekly and also accompanies groups on trips out to draw and paint the natural environment. Art therapy is open to non centre users too.


“Meeting others with the same problems as me really helped. My walking has improved and I now have the confidence to climb stairs”

For those who might benefit from physiotherapy we have an arrangement with an experienced neurophysiotherapist who has agreed to provide a service to clients identified and assessed as suitable for this service at specially agreed rates.

Do you or a family member need support with a stroke, head injury, TBI or any other form of brain injury?

Click here to download a referral form and have one of our team contact you about how we can provide support.