Brunner Hall Garden Project

May 26, 2022

Over the last two years during the various Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns, one of the things that many of our clients have said is that they have really appreciated the benefits of the outdoors and a garden but haven’t always had access to one at home or be able to access it on their own.

Therefore, we are really excited about a new Sensory Garden project and activity that we are planning in conjunction with the help of McCarthy & Stone and a team of their volunteers, some of our own clients, volunteers and staff. The idea for the garden came from the clients themselves about what they would like to do this year and the project has also been made possible by the very kind and generous donations from McCarthy & Stone and one of our clients. We have also had offers of help for the loan of essential equipment from Southern Plant & Tool Hire Ltd.

The garden will enable clients to take part in some gardening activities as well as just being able to sit out and enjoy being in the garden and the open air.

“The garden is a great space for our clients to enjoy some fresh air and do a bit of gardening, particularly if they don’t have a garden at home or find it difficult to get out”, Marie Finch, Resource Centre Supervisor at Headway Thames Valley, “however, it needs some work on it to make it usable as a sensory garden and accessible for our clients who may also be using wheelchairs or have some mobility problems.