Living with Brain Injury Course

May 5, 2017

Wednesday May 10 will be the final instalment of our most recent Living with Brain Injury Course

LWBI 17 quotes

The Living with Brain Injury Course is an 11 week programme run in Reading; a collaboration between Headway Thames Valley professionals and those within the Community Based Neuro Rehabilitation Team. The course aims to provide insight and information on clients’ conditions following Acquired Brain Injury.

With the course approaching its final week, we have asked current attendees to reflect on the previous 10 weeks:


“Having this group to attend has provided meaningful structure to my week, a safe place to come where my difficulties can be shared and understood by others. Just feeling less alone in a dark and not well understood condition has been immeasurable in its value. Thank you”Stacie


“Headway Thames Valley has been invaluable to my ongoing recovery. Help from the dedicated professionals and the group participant’s individual experiences have given me great hope for the future.”Andy


“Would have been lost without it. Friendly, no-pressure group that explained brain function clearly and gave helpful strategies for coping with the change in expectations. A group that gives people hope!”Vicky


“The living with Brain Injury group has been transformative. It has introduced me to a wealth of information about Brain Injury and the cognitive, physical and emotional side effects; given me strategies to deal with these in my recovery and outlined the impact on my family, friends and other relationships, which has been a HUGE help in giving them more understanding and enabling them to support me. It has given me access to a fantastic network of professionals and other people who have suffered ABI. More than anything, this has normalised what I have been through, and the sharing in the sessions has been immensely supportive. I couldn’t recommend the group highly enough.” – Janet


“The Living with Brain Injury group allowed me to understand what Brain Injury does to people and how to cope with it.”Roger


“Attending the ‘Living with Brain Injury’ group has been extremely beneficial to me. Meeting others who are experiencing the same changes in life as me and learning to cope with change has helped me tremendously. I will miss this group.”Emma


“Fantastic experience where I had the opportunity to meet others who had Brain Injury and the sessions were brilliant.”Evelyne


“Attending the ‘Living with Brain Injury’ group has been a fulfilling experience. It has allowed me to meet others who understand the difficulties we all face on a daily basis and has been quite therapeutic.”Hayley


“The ‘Living with Brain Injury’ group has completely changed my outlook on how I view my life after Traumatic Brain Injury. It has been a life saver. Meeting other people who have had a Brain Injury has been amazing, I feel like a person instead of an alien in a normal world. I understand myself and my limitations.  The Headway course is worth every penny of funding as it changes lives for the better.”Kate

The 10th week of the course was also attended by a student Occupational Therapist, who had this to say:

“I found the course highly educational and useful. Bob and Jamie had great experience, were very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about making a difference and helping members of the group. It was simple enough to understand, however incredibly thought provoking and was beneficial to observe.”– Nicki, OT Student

It is always helpful to receive feedback on our services and it’s fantastic when the feedback is this positive. If you would like to contribute towards someone attending the next Living with Brain Injury Course, please click here.