The #EggheadChallenge

Mar 23, 2016

Help people living with brain injury by taking part in the #EggheadChallenge

The format of the Egghead Challenge is simple, it’s a game of roulette played in pairs using a boiled egg and a raw egg. After you have completed the challenge, text ‘EGGS24’ and ‘£2’, ‘£4’ or ‘£5’ to 70070 to donate to Headway Thames Valley and support people living with brain injury.



So what are you waiting for? Pair up with a friend or colleague, take two eggs, one hardboiled and one raw, mix them up and crack them on your forehead – one will be in luck and get the hardboiled egg, the other will not be so lucky….

Start playing, start sharing and start nominating!

Do something amazing with your eggs this Easter!