The loss of occupational skills is a common result of brain injury. Outreach workers will assess the individual, speaking with them to understand their needs and build an individual programme. They will look at working towards specific goals, providing coping strategies or establishing routines to help people feel more in control and able to deal with symptoms such as fatigue and poor memory. They will also help with any physical issues, using physiotherapy techniques to help strengthen muscles and aid mobility and coordination which may have been affected by the brain injury. At present this service is only available to existing clients but when funding is available it is hoped to make it more widely available again.

“The 1:1 support I had was a great help mentally, to cope with my complete change of lifestyle.” – Helen, outreach service user

This includes relearning skills such as making a cup of tea and promoting independence in the home and community to working on goals such as getting back to work.

“I had resigned myself to not ever achieving much when I had my stroke, now I am back to driving and looking for paid work.” – Ian, outreach service user