Maximising Memory

Georgie Boothroyd, Clinical Psychologist at Headway Thames Valley shares his top tips on maximising memory.


“Do brain training computer games improve memory? The short answer is no! Research has consistently shown that regular use of such computer games only results in improved performance on the specific game being practiced, but importantly this improvement does not extend to real world situations.


“If you enjoy the games then continue to play them.  If you find them a bit of a chore then stop, your energy could be better used! If you have a poor memory because of your brain injury then a more effective approach is to use memory aids as a way to compensate for potential lapses e.g. note pad, diary, calendar & reminders on SMART phone. If referred to consistently and as soon as the new information is given to you, such strategies can become a second nature fail safe.


“Reducing your fatigue and stress levels by pacing activities across the day and week should also improve day to today memory.”

– Georgie Boothroyd