Executive Functioning

In Clinical Corner, Headway Thames Valley Chairman, Dr. Trevor Powell talks about executive functioning after brain injury.

Trevor Powellwebsite

“Executive functioning is a term that gets bandied around frequently and is important to understand as the majority of people who have a brain injury will have problems with ‘executive functioning’.


“We all have an executive part of our brain, which is like the CEO of a business or conductor of an orchestra or general of an army – the bit that coordinates and supervises everything. It is located in our frontal lobes, which sits behind our forehead. In any ‘shaking up of the brain’ this area gets damaged first, so that our ability to plan and organise , weigh things up and make decisions, to switch attention, to multitask and do more than one thing at once, is compromised.


“Often people don’t recognize these difficulties because they are less obvious, or more difficult to describe, than memory problems or concentration or language, but they are very real.”

-Dr. Trevor Powell