You, me and brain injury – Bob

The aim of the ‘You, me and brain injury’ campaign is to highlight the fact that brain injury doesn’t just affect the individual, but also their family, friends, colleagues, and many more relationships besides.

We spoke to Bob about his brain injury and the affect it has had on his relationships. Bob has been a Headway Thames Valley client since 2010 after suffering a brain injury some years ago.


“Since my brain injury I have made lots of good relationships. I went for years without even knowing I had a brain injury as I didn’t know any different. When the doctors told me I accepted it and a lot of things made more sense. As I have got older I’ve understood a lot more and my partner, Karen, has helped me to understand my brain injury more.

Bob, celebrating Hats for Headway 2018

“I have had a wife (now ex-wife ) and 3 children since my brain injury and now have a partner. My children are very understanding, especially my daughters, much more than my son. We don’t speak as much anymore but girls and boys are different and girls can be more understanding sometimes.

“ My brain injury can sometimes cause friction and arguments when I’m tired and I sometimes don’t want to do things. I don’t realise how hard I’m working to maintain things, but I can get very tired, sometimes it seems like I’m being lazy. I haven’t found it hard to make new relationships since my brain injury. There are ups and downs in life and I try not to over-analyse it. Sometimes I have arguments and wobbles with Karen but that’s okay, I rely on her a lot and we have lots good times too like the cruise we just went on.”

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