Young Volunteers at Brunner Hall

On Thursday 22 June we were joined at our Centre, in Henley, by three enthusiastic pupils from Shiplake College.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

Spring Concert Success

Wednesday 24 May saw Headway Thames Valley host the annual Spring Concert.

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Hats for Headway

Friday 12th May saw Headway branches up and down the country take part in Hats for Headway.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

A New Me Video – Emma

In 2013 Emma was diagnosed with cerebellitis – an inflammation of the cerebellum.

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A New Me Video – Simon J

In 2009 Simon was at work when he suffered a stroke, he then tried to drive to hospital and suffered additional damage from a road traffic accident.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

A New Me – Christina

Christina has been a Headway Thames Valley client for the last 19 years, after suffering a brain injury in 1987.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })