Young Volunteers at Brunner Hall

On Thursday 22 June we were joined at our Centre, in Henley, by three enthusiastic pupils from Shiplake College.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

Spring Concert Success

Wednesday 24 May saw Headway Thames Valley host the annual Spring Concert.

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Hats for Headway

Friday 12th May saw Headway branches up and down the country take part in Hats for Headway.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

A New Me Video – Emma

In 2013 Emma was diagnosed with cerebellitis – an inflammation of the cerebellum.

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A New Me Video – Simon J

In 2009 Simon was at work when he suffered a stroke, he then tried to drive to hospital and suffered additional damage from a road traffic accident.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

A New Me – Christina

Christina has been a Headway Thames Valley client for the last 19 years, after suffering a brain injury in 1987.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

A New Me – Simon B

In 1986, Simon was knocked off his moped after being hit by a car which was reversing the wrong way up a one way street in Reading.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

Living with Brain Injury Course

Wednesday May 10 will be the final instalment of our most recent Living with Brain Injury Course

LWBI 17 quotes

The Living with Brain Injury Course is an 11 week programme run in Reading;","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })