Your First New £1 Coin

Want your first new one pound coin to make a difference? Improve life after brain injury by donating it to Headway Thames Valley.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

Brilliant Bingo Night

On Sunday 12th March, Tina and her family hosted a Bingo Night at Pangbourne Working Men’s Club in aide of Headway Thames Valley

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Boyes Turner Running Reading Half

The Reading Half Marathon is here!
Our team of runners at last year's Reading Half
Our team of runners at last year’s Reading Half

On Sunday 19th March,","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

Music with Friends

Friend of Headway Thames Valley, Barbara Moir, has arranged a concert with the proceeds being split between ourselves and a local parish.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

Pancake Party

Everybody loves pancakes, so we’re asking people to hold their own pancake parties on or around Shrove Tuesday (28th February 2017).","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

Waitrose Community Matters Scheme

We have been selected as one of three charities in Waitrose Henley and also in Waitrose Wallingford as part of their Community Matters scheme.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

Bingo Night

Come along to the Bingo Night on Sunday 12th March at Pangbourne Working Men’s Club in aide of Headway Thames ValleyPWMC

Tina,","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

Exercise After Brain Injury

For many of us, the new year is the perfect chance to improve our health and fitness after the indulgences of the festive season –","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })