Bad Weather

Headway Thames Valley remains open. Some roads near to the river in Henley on Thames were closed for a time on Monday but these do not affect the charity’s activities at Brunner Hall which is up hill on Greys Road.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

Winter Advice for all

Download a useful leaflet with advice about looking after yourself and others during bad weather


Link to Healthwatch Reading web site ‘Heat or Eat’","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

Hearts Of Gold

Click on the link below to view a video of Esther Rantzens TV programme Hearts Of Gold in 1989 which featured Headway Thames Valley.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

Reading Half Marathon

We already have over 20 runners signed up for the Reading Half Marathon next year.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })

Facebook – Guidelines

Please read all of the following including the guidelines to find out more about our new facebook page and how you or someone you know can use it safely to connect to others with brain injury.","uuid":"6c4770a5cef5860d582510a44","lid":"8bec0a1a38"}) })